Monday, December 3, 2012

Reads: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #1

Small Update

Hello everyone, I have a quick update as to my videos this week. Don't worry it isn't anything too bad. You see this week I am going to be celebrating another year of life here on this Earth, a 'Birthday'. Now this year it falls on the same day as the next Arrow episode and while I have been enjoying watching and giving my thoughts on them, I also like to enjoy the day to myself and friends for celebration at least a small amount.

So in having to choose Arrow will have to wait until next week. Sorry to anyone who might have been looking forward to it.

The Good news that as of writing this I am putting together a new video review of a comic to be put up this week. (Could be today or tomorrow depends on when everything can get done.) So look out for that.

Thanks to you all and hope you enjoy your week as well.