Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stop with the Racism finger pointing.

Look, for those of you who don't know there is an article from Comics Alliance (The Racial Politics of Regressive Storytelling) running around on the blogs mention the regression of menoirty legacy characters getting changed  back to Silveraged counter-parts....who are white. And while the sub-point of the post is more about heroes getting killed for shock value or easy writing is something I can agree with. The part about the racism though I was finding a bit hard to believe. Main reason is because these characters that are getting replaced were Legacy heroes, meaning they were going to take over the name/power/place/what have you of the previous version. This lead to a few problems and the fact many of them were not accepted by the fans. Save for Jamie, The New Blue Beetle and Rene the new Question. So when they weren't accepted and fans called for the old heroes back, well it looks really bad.

 Not to mention the timing of this post was amazingly scary when almost a week later Ryan Choi, the All New Atom, an Asian character was killed in the Titians: Villain for Hire Special. Which again is something I don't agree with, but is really the problem is that this fact has many fans up in arms calling racism to DC staff. And I want to say is to stop, Please!

Look we are all upset, but going out to call someone or a company racists is not something tossed around lightly. This is a serious accusation. What is scary is that now since this has spread like wildfire in the internet fourms and alike everyone with an ax to grind against DC comics is trying it's best to use this for more spotlight. Case in point a blog post at Bleeding Cool entitled The New Apartheid Of DC Comics. And if that title doesn't make you want to throw up something is wrong. I love comics but in NO WAY should the treatment of fictional characters should ever be compared to something as awful as the crime of Apartheid.

This is fan backlash that has grown out of control for the last few days and I hate to saw it but, going back to a post I made about The Shield we are a bit to blame for this. We were given these great characters, legacy or not, and we ignored them. Why, because we wanted our old heroes back. People wanted to old Firestorm since his death in Identity Crisis and people have been begging for Ted Kords return since Infinite Crisis, and most recently it seems there is a small growing voice for the return of Vic Sage as The Question.

Racism is awful, wrong, something I wish would be abolished from this planet. Has it appeared in comics before and in some cases recently, a sad true fact. There is no argument there. But, the blindly calling of it here is something that needs to stop. If this is about the recent killings of heroes and family members in comics that doesn't boost it, then that is the issue and point that out write to the offices and tell them the problem. Here is their mailing address.

DC Offices
1700 Broadway 7th Fl.
New York, NY 10019-5905

And if do think there is a racism problem, well I can't change you mind, but you know what? Do the same thing. Write to the DC offices and explain your frustrations or nervousness about these problems. Bringing these issues up in a calm reasonable fashion is the best way to get these issues looked at. If we can't do that, then we are doomed to forever repeat the cycle again and again.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lack of Updates? Yeah My Bad.

Sorry everyone with my falling off the face of the Earth, the real world caught up with me and thought I needed a good ass kicking. So yes after about 30 plus pages dealing with everything from Computer Hardware Industry, Dell, Mergers and Acquisition, and two project management reports college looks to be done with. Well, until June anyway where I well be taking my final class of college.

I feel bad that I haven't been able to give you guys more videos or hell even some sort of text reviews/reactions. It has been a hard last few months trying to deal with school and other things like my desktop not wanting to work right, (Though I think I found the fix and can have it running again soon.) To my Who Would Win concept swiped away from me recently, leaving little to zero chance getting picked up on a website. Leaving to think that I may not even continue the series now.

But, here I am just bitching and venting not really showing any resolve at all. And to make it sound like I am giving up everything is wrong, I don't want to, I honestly don't. I want to make these videos work and have them enjoyed. I love sharing my feelings on comics, trying to shed some positive light on those that at least deserve it or should be looked upon. I think that is what I might try and move back to. I lost track with this blog and my own personal projects. My writing has suffered, my small photo comic (Huffer and The Question) that I am really proud of has also suffered because I been trying to shape myself into a way the world (Real and Internet) wants to shape me.

Right now, I am at my soon to be former home in DC, getting things together and looking to a new beginning as my parents move out and I myself start making San Antonio my new home. Will I stop Who Would Win? That is up in the air, I had two really good match ups I still want to do or try to do. In the end I think a small recharge will be good, I need to get myself back into this.

Thanks to you all who read this blog and comment on it the fact I know there are people who enjoy my work does mean something.