Thursday, October 7, 2010

Comics Prices Hik....I mean Drop?

So I am sitting here on my couch catching up on some C.O.P.S Volume 2 and surfing the comic news sites when I noticed both Newsarama and Comic Book Resources showing stories of comic prices. Some readers would have noticed last several months the discussion of comic book prices has been a bit uneven. At one time Marvel had increased a good percent of their books to $3.99. DC followed slowly along, but in a neat twist offered back up stories to those books with price increases as a way of supplementing the reader with the feeling they were getting two stories for the price. An idea I liked and Marvel too would try out as well.

But, the hike was ill planned on both parties part as they did it right as the recession was hitting it peak. Not to mention when talking to one of the employees at my Local Comic Shop he predicted that the next price hike would go to the trades. And he had a point go look at some of the Deluxe hardcovers of series, they rang from $25-$35. Now as a business major watching this I wonder how the market would react to a lot of this. How many would drop books because they couldn't afford it any more.

So when I first say these articles dealing with prices I had a bit of sinking feeling that they would either stay they way they are or increase again. Seems though I was wrong on both counts as Marvel and DC are going to returning majority of titles to the $2.99 prices.