Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wheelchair for Oracle

Just try and hack my systems!
Gail Simone at her Blog has asked the fans to help her find a wheelchair for the much loved Barbara Gorden. Well, I think I got something for her that would send fear into the hearts of villains!

I could see a nice rocket launcher added here.
How do you like them apples Gail!? Or better yet...

Now only if it could fly.
It is a wheelchair and a car. You can called it the Oracl-mobile, you can place in all types of neat gadgets, maybe it's own Wi-Fi router to log in on the go. So what do you have to say about these suggestions?

"What I want to, and it’s way past time, is to update her chair, and to make it a consistent, reasonable design, that is still not hugely obtrusive."


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