Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nerd to the Third Power: How Long is too Long?

Ep 47: How Long is Too Long?
On today's show we ask the question how long is too long to look at a concept, show, game franchise before going to dust it off and continue or take another look at it. From Tron Legacy, to Duke Nukem Forever, and even The Justice League Cartoon.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Nerd to the Third Power: Green Lantern (The Movie)

Ep 46 Green Lantern
This is a very fun and very odd show were we talk about Green Lantern and each give our thoughts on the movie.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Nerd to the Third Power: E3 2011

Ep 45: E3 2011
This week on the Podcast Roo has returned from E3 and we discuss the what he saw and what might be coming in the future, also Wii U is fun to say.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nerd to the Third Power: X-Men First Class

Ep 44 X-Men First Class
On today's show we talk about the new movie X-Men First Class starting Nazi Kevin Bacon

Friday, June 3, 2011

Nerd to the Third Power: Is Print Dead?

Ep 43: Is Print Dead?
Today on the show, we are missing a few of our cast but we move on and ask the question of his print media dead? With magazines and news papers losing readers can the same be said for manga and comics? What are they doing to combat this or evolve to the next stage? Click the link to find out.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Everything Changes....Holy crap DC are changing it!

Well, what to know something funny, I was asked by a friend of mine about the rumors of a massive change coming to DC comics after Flashpoint and I responded with a bit of hesitation saying along the lines they may renumber some books but I don't think anything will happen beyond that.

Well, I was wrong, I mean I was really wrong. I am the guy you point and laugh at for missing the daily double on Jeopardy I was so wrong. Because DC did just that, they said they are renumber 52 titles. (We have seen that number before) And then the first title annouced for it and given any sort of art work was Justice League written by Geoff Johns and art done by Jim Lee. With the roster of what I have heard a lot of people have wanted, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman, and Cyborg.

And still no Wally!?
Now soon we have been hearing some other titles coming in like Bird of Prey minus Gail Simone, Teen Titians with Fabian Nicieza, Hawkman with James Robinson Tony Daniel, Aquaman, Justice Society with a new team, Green Lantern, Superman with Grant Morrison (?), and now it also looks like Dective Comics and Batman will also get a new number one treatment. And that not counting the number of rumored books that have been swimming around in the ocean of the internet. This is a lot to try and take in the last few days the big question to this is now what?


Now that we looking at all these new number ones a lot of people have been asking what about the long running titles, Action Comics, Adventure, and Dective? Is it a bad for those titles to be coming back down to 1? Some think so, considered it disrespectful to those titles to be taken back down. Though, some have countered that this could be a good for new readers to jump in on. If a new reader wants to pick up Batman might stop and see number 700 on the title and be scared he have to look through that many back issues to find out what was going on. Honestly I am a bit cynical with this as I know deep down the moment a big landmark is coming it, those titles will be reverted to that. It has happened before.


Nothing stopping this from happen now though, unless this is one major prank pulled off, so what can we look forward to? Well, we can look forward to a slew of new costumes for a lot of characters, (Like 50!). Not to mention different creative teams oblisouly and you know that excites me a little bit. I love to see what a different new writer and artist can do with a title and characters. Then we have to find out about the rest of the new titles or renumbered titles coming out. We still don't have the full list yet.

And that bothers me a bit we are calling to the failure of this when we don't have all the information in our hands yet. Are we getting a reboot like Crisis on Infinite Earths? Or is this renumbers with out too many changes besides maybe costumes. We need to really wait and see what is coming out or in some cases not coming back.

Is this good-bye?

And that is my point a bit, we need to wait and see where this is all going, this is new for a lot of us. I missed Crisis on Infinite Earths when it first came out (I was three at the time). I have never experienced this and sit on the edge of my sit to see what will happen. And I want this to be successful in the worst way, not just as a DC fan but as a comic fan in general. Maybe a kick in the pants to bring readers back into shops to start reading again. And this could kick start something for everyone, because the more people coming in to shops means even the smallest of titles will be seen by new eyes. Titles for Marvel, IDW, Dynamite, Boom!, Image, Dark Horse, and many others will get that little extra exposer with this, if it works that is.

But enough of the ranting for the time, I need to return to the waiting game too see what I may be picking up by the time September comes around. But, if anything I do have one request from DC if anyone there reads this. (Hey one can dream right). My request is this....A magically Justice League title written by Matt Sturges and Bill Willingham.

Best magic show cast ever!
Do that and you got me on day one first in line!